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Our latest addition to the ice cream page is a ice cream that is sweeping through the country. A brand full of flavour and passion for quality but with a price that leaves it way ahead of the competition, and that ice cream is Disotto a brilliant Italian ice cream that we are proud to distribute.

With too many flavours to list and all fully stocked, we have so much ice cream it would be hard to find a flavour that we don’t stock.

Soft scoops and individual ice creams are all here. Two ice creams which kids love are our Peppa Pig and Minions Ice Lollies.

With loads of flavours and different makes, we have award winning West Country ice cream which is out of this world, but prices that are perfect for any vendor to sell.

Also available are our easy to heat puddings in different flavours, and apple pies that are perfect for a sweet treat.

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